Monday, December 8, 2014

Blogpost #4

Alright so this week I have been all over the place with my project and I have been trying really hard to think of something great. I kept telling myself that I have to pick that one thing that is really outstanding and accomplish this great goal at the end of the year. But, I was wrong. This Friday we got to talk to someone who works with YouTube (Georgia from Soul Pancake) and it was such a cool experience. We had the opportunity to ask a question to her, and I am so glad mine got picked! I asked her what advice she could give to someone who doesn't know what they are passionate about and doesn't know where to start. She gave some really good advice, and it helped me have a more positive outlook towards my project. If I can't find something really specific that will be a spectacular project, that is okay. I just need to start small and move forward, and if I keep a positive outlook on my project, and eventually I will figure out my passion. I am going to continue my project as doing random acts of kindness, or at least helping people in some way. Since this is something that I really aspire to do in my life, I think I just need to go for it. I plan to try to do something nice (that I usually wouldn't do) for someone each day, and then maybe a bigger act of kindness at the end of the week. I want this to hopefully lead to something bigger, but like I said, I am starting small and will work my way up. Staying positive is the key to happiness and success, and I am going to make the best out of this project, wherever it may lead me to.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Blogpost #3

So after thinking about my project for another week, I feel like I'm sort of back where I started. I thought I wanted to do something involving random acts of kindness. Obviously I love to help people and make people smile, but for some reason I haven't had the inspiration to get started. Like Mr. P said, if you are not interested in the project now, it will be much worse as the year progresses. I really enjoyed the Soul Pancake youtube videos that we watched on friday, and I am going to watch some more to try to get more inspiration and get a better idea of what I want to do. I need to think really hard of something I am really passionate about, and I plan to have my project decided for sure by next week. I really just need to do some soul searching to find out what I really want to spend my year doing.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Blogpost #2

So it's already been a whole week since my first blogpost, and I think I have narrowed it down to one general idea. I think it would just be too hard to accomplish something with travel at this point in my life, so I am going to try to do something involving random acts of kindness. Lots of people are encouraging me to do this, and since I really want to do something for the benefit of others (instead of myself), I think I will do this. I am not exactly sure what the big goal will be at the end of my project, or even who my main target of this project will be, but at least I have my general idea. Maybe I will do some act of kindness every week and build up to something larger. Hopefully next week I will have more details and thoughts on my project and get started.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Blogpost #1

       Hello! My name is Maddie Thompson and this is my first 20 time project blogpost. So for my first blogpost I am supposed to talk about my project, but I don't exactly have a project yet. Although almost everyone else has their projects figured out, and I should too, I don't want to rush and pick a project I won't like. I think I will be much better off taking my time figuring out what I'm really passionate about, so I can get the full experience out of 20 time. 
       I am having trouble thinking of things I am passionate about, but I have been doing a lot of research and I have a few scattered ideas. One is something to do with helping others randomly in someway, like a random act of kindness. I don't really know how I could make a set goal for the end of this kind of project, and I need to work out a lot of details. Another very broad idea I had came to me when I was looking on my Pinterest account. I have a board titled "get out there" where I repost many different pictures of places all over the world. I really like to travel and I feel like it would be really fun to explore exotic and unique places different from the same old Michigan. I don't know how I would be able to go anywhere, considering I can't drive and don't have any money, but at least it is an idea. As I said, I am very scattered at this moment, but I know I will figure something out if I just keep looking and take my time!