Monday, May 11, 2015

Blogpost #12

This blog post is my reflection piece for my 20 time project. When I first started out this school year I got so excited because I thought this 20 time project was going to be the coolest thing ever. But, after struggling so much to find the right project, I really started to lose faith and become less interested. I thought since I couldn't think of a project that I would really enjoy for myself, then I should just do something to help others, so that's when I decided to try random acts of kindness. It is such an amazing thing to do, and I really do applaud all of the people who are naturally so kind and do things for others without even realizing it. I really thought that I could accomplish a lot with this project, and I kept pushing myself to try to do this project. For months I did research, found ideas, watched videos, even read books all about being kinder and helping someone who deserves it be happier. Although I really tried to stay positive, and said I would do all these great things, I failed. I really was not successful in performing the actions I said I was going to do in my previous blog posts, and I am so disappointed in myself. I had an amazing opportunity and all these great ideas, all I had to do was get out there and do them. I really regret not working harder and pushing myself even further to do this project not for me, but for the people I could have potentially helped. I think there are two main reasons why I failed: laziness and fear. I was too lazy when doing this project, I kept saying "Oh I have all year ahead of me I can do this later", and that is not okay. I should have stopped saying "later" and starting saying "now". Also, I think that I was afraid. I was afraid that people were going to judge me or think strangely of me because of my project, and I have no idea why. I have no reason to be ashamed or afraid because I had an amazing idea for a project. I wish my laziness and my thoughts on other people's opinions wouldn't have gotten to me so badly. But, enough with the sadness and feeling disappointed with myself. Yes, my project failed, but that doesn't mean I didn't learn anything or get anything out of it. I am really glad I failed so I could learn from this experience and make my reflection piece and 20 time speech even better. And, I am not going to lose hope in performing random acts of kindness. This summer I am going to try to get some of my friends together and hopefully actually fulfill some of the ideas I had throughout this year. I am very thankful that I got to be in this class and I was able to have this amazing opportunity.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Blogpost #11

     Hello! Alright so it is now fourth quarter and I can't believe how fast time has passed this year! So now we are supposed to being thinking about our talks for the end of the year, and our Tedx talk if we are interested in trying for one. I think it would be such an amazing experience and I really want to do it. I obviously have to do a talk for a grade, but whether I choose to try out for the Tedx event depends on whether I can think of something good enough to talk about. My project definitely was not nearly as successful as I had hoped it would be, but I knew ever since the beginning of the year that 20 time would be difficult for me. I think the reason it was so hard for me to choose that one thing that I was really passionate about for this project was that I am just so passionate and like many different things. Although I had a small amount of success in performing random acts of kindness for my project, I still think that the concept of the project and the idea of surrounding yourself with more happiness is very important. So. I am debating between two different things to base my talk around: either how difficult it is to choose that one thing you're passionate about and how I struggled with that, or about the importance of making others happy and keeping a positive attitude even when someone may not appreciate your efforts to be kind. I really need to start narrowing it down, and try to think of something good to talk about. I really hope this talk will be successful and maybe I can think of something good enough for Tedx!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Blogpost #10

     Alright so these past two weeks have been pretty productive, but not as productive as I had hoped. I got a few things done, and I thought of so many more ideas that I am really looking forward to doing, once I get the chance. I have been really busy so I haven't been able to work on my project as much, which makes me realize that I need to start carving more time out of my schedule, before the year is over. This week I was able to write a couple of letters to some relatives and friends I haven't seen in a while, which was a small, but meaningful accomplishment. Also, I have been looking into doing a volunteer project/internship at Beaumont Hospital this summer, which I think would be a really great way to help others easily, especially those who could really use a boost. Hopefully I can get some valuable experience out of this, so that I can continue growing my project throughout the summer and next year.
     One last thing I would like to share is actually I story that I found on Twitter the other day. Someone posted this little story and it really reminded me of my project and the positive impact I would love to see myself make upon others. It is a great reminder of how such little things can change a person's life forever. Here is the story:

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Blogpost #9

    Wow it is so crazy that it is already March! I thought I was going to have so much time to do this project but now I realize I really need to step up my game if I want to make the most out of this project by the end of the year. That's why I am glad that I accomplished some stuff these past two weeks like I said I was going to.
    So earlier in the year I did a lot of researching about ideas and random acts of kindness, but I just wrote them down, I didn't actually do any of them. Well, I've been doing a lot of planning for some of these ideas and I'm actually going to do them. Okay so one thing I am doing is sort of a longer term thing, but it still fits under the category of a random act of kindness. I have an elderly neighbor who always pays my little brothers to help her water the plants and work in the garden in the spring and summer. She is a very generous and kind lady, and she is always unnecessarily paying them. So I thought I would offer to help her as much as she needed, no payment at all. And plus I think I will be able to help her a little bit better than two little boys who just want the change :) I really think it would be something she would appreciate very much and it would make me really happy to help her out.
   Another thing I am going to be doing is a little bit more randomized in the community. Since I still have some hours in before I get my drivers license, I will be driving around Grosse Pointe and Detroit  in a lot of different areas. I think it would be cool to just keep some chocolate bars or water bottles, or something in the glove box so that if I see a construction worker, homeless person, or someone who looks like they need something to keep them going, I can hopefully stop and give it to them. I think its good to help others, especially these miscellaneous people in the community who don't get much attention and recognition, but deserve it the most.
   I have a few more small things I am going to accomplish these next two weeks but I want to wait to talk about them until they are complete.  I feel like this project has been really hard for me to get going on, and even though the year is already halfway over, that shouldn't stop me from going forward with this project and making others happy.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Blogpost #8

        Blogpost #8! This year has been flying by so fast, and I can't believe I still have so much I want to accomplish for my project in such a short amount of time. To be honest, my project has not been going as well as a thought it would so far. I keep saying that I'm going to do things, and then a put them off and never do them. Seeing how far some of my classmates have come, and how much time and effort they have put towards their projects makes me realize how much farther I need to go to accomplish my goals. I feel like I have been coming up with a lot of ideas and doing a lot of research for my project, but I haven't really been applying myself to achieving these things I want to do. Instead of saying I need to something, I just need to do it, because nothing can be accomplished unless you actually try.
        Over the next two weeks I am not going to try to do something, but I am going to do it. I am going to take all the ideas I have found and start doing them, and start having the confidence to go through with my project. I am going to do whatever it takes to make others happy by just doing things that are simple, but worthwhile. By working really hard and staying motivated, I am going to accomplish all my goals for this project, and extend my thoughts and ideas even further than I have planned in the past.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Blogpost #7

      Alright so these past two weeks have been very interesting for my project! I have been trying to actually do some of my ideas and just be more kind towards others in general. I have found a really good website that had so many good ideas. I am also still trying to think of a bigger goal or idea for my project, but I am still not sure about it yet.
      This week was so amazing because Kid President came to our school! It was so cool to meet him, especially because he is such an inspiration towards my project! I started watching some more of his videos and other Soul Pancake videos and it is just so cool to see what they do to make others smile. It was really great that he came because it was such a confidence boost for me and my project. Just looking at this eleven year old kid with brittle bone disease doing all these amazing things proves that with just a little kindness and a positive attitude, anyone can achieve their goals and make others smile.
     One more thing that I was thinking about for my project involves helping people in other countries. Next week for Mid-winter break, my sister and I are going to Puerto Morales, Mexico with my grandparents. We are staying there for vacation, but my grandparents were telling me how many people they see working all day on the hot streets trying to make a living to support their families, but they are still always smiling and friendly towards all the people around them. It is these kind of people who really deserve the most kindness, since they are the ones being kind, without expecting anything in return. I am excited to talk to some of these people and learn about their lives and what they do, and hopefully try to do something for them to make them even happier than they already are. I think this trip will be a great opportunity for my project, and I hope to accomplish a lot in the next two weeks!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Blogpost #6

       This week has been a pretty good week for my project! I feel a lot better about my project than I did earlier in the year. I got a few things done and also found a lot more ideas.
      One of my main goals was to handwrite a letter every week to someone that I haven't talked to lately. I actually wrote two this week! One was to my older cousin who lives in Vermont and the other to one of my classmates and great friend, Emma, who has been gone from school for a while due to illness. It was really fun actually writing and sending a letter to them rather than just sending a text like I normally do. I also encouraged my cousin and her family to try to do their own random acts of kindness for other people where they live, to keep extending the happiness outward.
     Another thing I accomplished was a little more simple, but I think its still the thought that counts. I went grocery shopping with my mom this week and every isle that we went down I would put things back on the shelf that were on the ground and return random carts back to their spots. Even though that is just some common courtesy, it made me feel good knowing that someone else wouldn't have to do it. I think its the simple things like that, that can make someone's day.
     One last thing I actually did this week was also pretty simple, but it really made someone happy. Since I had midterms this week, I was home a lot by myself, so one day I just decided to clean the kitchen and the bathrooms, which my mom really appreciated. Although its something that I really should be doing everyday to help out, it really surprised her and it even made me happy to see her happy. The cool thing about doing random acts of kindness is that there are no limits and you can do anything for anyone and they will still enjoy it.
     Before I end this post, I just want to share a couple more ideas that I found this week that I plan to do as part of my project:
            - put extra money in the parking meter for the next person, when I'm driving
            - invite people who are sitting alone to eat lunch with me at school
            - offer to shovel the snow for some of my neighbors who have a hard time doing it themselves
            - volunteer at a soup kitchen
            - offer to babysit the kids I usually babysit for free
            - visit a nursing home and talk to some of the people who might not have anyone to talk to
            - leave inspirational notes on cars
These are just a few more ideas that I had and I hope to accomplish them all. Also, if anyone wanted to see some more ideas or start doing random acts of kindness also this is a link to my Pinterest board with a bunch of ideas that I have found and have inspired me!  I hope that other people could find the time to get inspired by these ideas too, because it is really enjoyable to see someone smile and make their day!